The church of San Blas in Santiago de la Ribera
The chapel of San Blas in the municipality of San Javier The history of this small church dates back to the Reconquista, a time of transition between the Moorish occupation and the Reconquest of southern Spain by the Catholic forces of Castile and Aragón from the north of the Iberian Peninsula. In 1243 what is now Murcia was absorbed into the Crown of Castilla by means of the Treaty of Alcaraz. The area was then ruled by Prince Alfonso, who..

The Edificio Juventud in San Javier
A youth activities centre in San Javier The Edificio Juventud in San Javier is run by the Youth Department of the Town Hall, who organize and host a large number of activities such as exhibitions, concerts, workshops and talks. See the  what's on section of San Javier Today for details of the events on offer.  Concejalía de Juventud de San Javier Av. Aviación Española, 12 30730, San Javier, Murcia   Click for map: Concejal..

The Explanada Barnuevo of Santiago de la Ribera in San Javier
Explanada Barnuevo, Santiago de la Ribera . The Explanada Barnuevo is the most used area of the seafront in Santiago de la Ribera and is used as the location for many of the open air cultural events which take place here throughout the year, including arts and crafts markets, concerts, exhibitions and displays. The marquee which forms the centrepiece for events such as carnival, and fiestas is usually located here. Traffic driving into Santiago..

Auditorio and Parque Almansa San Javier
Parque Almansa in San Javier The Parque Almansa is centrally situated in the heart of San Javier, being the location for many outdoor events and cultural activities within the San Javier municipality. The main focal point is the large outdoor auditorium (concrete seats, those in the know always bring a cushion) which is the home of the San Javier Jazz Festival, followed closely by the San Javier Theatre and Dance Festival, as well as for..