Academia General del Aire, the Spanish air force academy in San Javier
Students at the San Javier academy have included the last two Kings of Spain When the military air base at San Javier was founded in 1927 it was used from the very start as a home for various units from the school of Naval Aeronautics, giving it a tradition in teaching and education which pre-dates the Academia General del Aire (AGA). It was the Naval Aeronautics school which built most of the hangars at the San Javier base, many of which..

The Patrulla Aguila, the Spanish Air Force aerobatics display team based in San Javier
The Patrulla Aguila is the Spanish equivalent of the Red Arrows in the RAF The history of aerobatics is as old as the history of aviation, and in Spain the Patrulla Águila, which was formed in 1985, did not create a new tradition, rather it was the logical continuation of one which had existed within the Spanish air force for decades. The first squadron to be dedicated to aerobatic displays in the Spanish air force was created at the..

A history of San Javier
The Mar Menor plays a crucial role in the story of San Javier The history of San Javier, as is the case of other municipalities in this area, is influenced to a huge degree by its location on the inland shore of the Mar Menor, the largest saltwater lagoon in Europe and one of the most instantly recognizable geographical areas of Spain The geological origins of the Mar Menor lie in the Tertiary Era, between 65 million and 1.7 million years ago..

Bajo de la Campana, the important Phoenician boat excavation at La Manga
Excavations at the Bajo de la Campana, Phoenician boat site in La Manga del Mar Menor. The Bajo de la Campana is one of the most important marine archaeological sites in the Region of Murcia, lying just a short distance from the shores of the La Manga Strip and the urban nucleus of La Manga del Mar Menor, currently under excavation.  It holds the remains of not just one vessel, but four, amongst them a Phoenician vessel which is believed..